PRACTICES AND PROCEDURES

Please familiarise yourself with the following important points, as they are for the Health and Safety of all who use our services:

Only the best professional cosmetic quality paints are used.

Grimas, Snazaroo, Paradise, Fardell, TAG, Cameleon, Superstar and Kryolan water based Face Paints which contain anti bacterial properties, and are specifically for use on the face and body. These paints and glitters conform with EC and US standards for cosmetics.

Adhesive used for Glitter Tattoos is an EC approved medical Adhesive used for prosthetics.

Working Conditions

The behaviour and safety of waiting children will be the responsibility of their parents or carers at any event.

The artist will not agree to paint any child who has or appears to have a skin condition or infectious bacterial or fungal condition. 

Please make sure children are presented with a clean face. 

The artist will not agree to paint an unaccompanied child under 14.

The artist will not agree to paint a child who does not wish to be painted.

All parents and carers are expected to inform the artist if their child has sensitive skin, whereupon a small patch test  can be offered, and after 20 mins, if there is no reaction, the artist will agree to paint the child if child and parent/carer are in agreement.

Brushstrokes accepts no responsibility however caused for any reaction to materials or paint products if instructions and advice are not followed in accordance with manufacturers recommendations.

  We always use clean sponges and water per child, to prevent cross contamination,  and thoroughly clean all brushes and equipment after each event.

  Whilst every attempt will be made to ensure a clean and safe working area, Brushstrokes Bodyart cannot accept liability or responsibility for damage to persons or belongings in or out of the working area this includes fabric,  furniture and car seats.

 Brushstrokes artists, insist that at no time must anyone other than members of the Brushstrokes team touch any products, paints or equipment in order to uphold our high standards of health and hygiene.

        Facepaint can be easily removed with water and your child's usual soap.  With  certain colours of Face Paint, there may be a slight residual stain, which will quickly fade.

        Brushstrokes reserve the right not to paint anyone we feel should not be painted.

        We will not paint anyone who appears to be influenced by alcohol or drugs, and will refuse to paint anyone who is verbally or physically abusive.

         Due to new Data Protection regulations, we do not store or share Data for marketing purposes. Written permission is sought before photos are taken.

       The artist is covered for Public Liability to £4 million, by Beauty Direct Insurance Ltd. and has an Enhanced Criminal Records Check

        Thank you for reading the important information above.

        Whilst it is necessary to put these points in writing for your reassurance, our aim is to provide the complete professional service, and to make your experience a pleasurable one.

         Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns about reasons for any of the above.

         mobile: 07786143608       


Sons of the Coxwain of the new Lizard Lifeboat "The Rose"

(Permission given by parent and boys to use for marketing)

Helpers at the RNLI Day event whom I painted before event start.